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Welcome to 4GB!

Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.

(please be aware we will be doing outdoor PE so dress accordingly!)

Swimming dates : TBA


This term we are diving into the wonderful world of Roald Dahl, we have already began to enjoy the classic story of Charlie and the Chocolate factory and laugh ourselves silly at his Revolting Rhymes while we learn to be poets ourselves.

We have tried our hand at drawing like the famous Quentin Blake and our Willy Wonka drawings are a marvel to behold! On Thursday 13th September we are taking part in Roald Dahl Day by dressing up and taking part in different Roald Dahl themed activities such as; chocolate making, sweet design and creating our own factory.

In numeracy we are challenging ourselves to get even further with our Big Maths steps, looking at the four operations and developing our reasoning skills even further.

In science we are looking at the states of matter and investigating how to change them – paying attention to reversible and irreversible changes, using film, role play and drawing to help us understand why these things happen.


Mrs Brown asks that we try our best and that mistakes are proof we are trying!


Websites to visit

If you would like to do some research for our topics or practise maths skills at home check out these websites.

Roald Dahl


Marvellous Maths