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Welcome to Year 6 – 6LM


Welcome back to school! We hope you have had a fantastic summer holiday.


We are a class of 27 children who are taught by Mrs Lynch and Mrs McClue.  Mrs Lynch will Monday through to Wednesday and Mrs McClue will teach Wednesday through to Friday.


Important information:

  • Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday will be outside and Wednesday will be indoors.  Please make sure you have the appropriate kit.  We aim to be outside as much as possible, whatever the weather!
  • Thursday is our ‘Beat That’ day.  We will have a weekly test to see if we can beat our best score.
  • Friday is our spelling test day.  New spellings are to be given out on a Friday and then tested the following week.  Remember that there are extra stamps on offer for tasks relating to the weekly spellings.


‘Beat That’ and spelling results will count towards your eligibility for ‘Pupil of the Week’. – The overall reward will take place before the Christmas holidays.


Please note - Tuesday 30th October. Children in Upper KS2 will experience a workshop delivered by Mr Egypt – check out his website for further information. A donation of £5 is requested for amazing experience and is payable with the permission slip.


Our topic for the Autumn Term is Ancient Egypt. To start, we are going to investigate North Lincolnshire and ensure that we have a full understanding of where we are in the world before travelling further afield. Once we are secure, we will look at the continents of the world and the location of Egypt itself. This will lead us nicely into investigating the importance of the River Nile. We will investigate time periods to understand when the Ancient Egyptians lived.


As Historians, we will also look at the clothing, housing and lifestyle of the Egyptians. We will be investigating reliable sources of evidence to help us understand past events.


In Science, we will have an investigation day in which we will look at electricity in further depth.   The investigation day will consist of a carousel day devoted to understanding Electricity more. This carousel of activities will excitingly see us spend time with all four teachers in Upper school (Mrs Dickens-McCreight, Mrs McClue, Mr Andrew and Mrs Masterson)


Linked to our topic, we are going to read ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ by Emma Carroll.  This is her brand new novel! We will be covering many areas of writing through this book and look forward to posting some fabulous work completed by the children in the near future.


One final set of dates for your diary is that of the SATS week. The government has programmed these in for week commencing Monday 13th May.

Monday 13th – SPaG and spelling papers to be completed (45 mins and approximately 20mins respectively)

Tuesday 14th – Reading (60 mins)

Wednesday 15th Arithmetic (30 mins) and Reasoning Paper 1 (40 mins)

Thursday 16th Reasoning Paper 2 (40 mins).