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Autumn 2 Introduction

After half term, our topic changed to Vikings and Anglo Saxons.


On Monday 20th November we held our very own Viking day whereby we dressed up like Vikings and Anglo Saxons. On this day, we had a very interesting visitor who was able to tell us more about life in the Anglo Saxon / Viking age!


We began by discussing which countries they came from and how they actually go to Britain. After we discussed more about their diet and what Vikings and Saxons would have eaten – some of us were shocked to discover that there was no pizza or McDonalds!


In the afternoon, using the shields we made, we were able to rein act the Battle of Hastings which saw the end to Viking Age.

As the final part of the day, we investigated a traditional Viking burial. This defiantly caught our imagination because of all of the items each Viking was buried with.


As geographers, we have used our atlas and map skills to mark and locate where Vikings came from and where in the British Isles they arrived.