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Welcome to 2RL

 This term our topic is ‘How lucky are we?’ We will be finding about the growth of plants and humans. We will also be looking into detail about China as a case study. We will be comparing Beijing to our environment and thinking about where in the world it is. This term the children are growing sunflowers and are thinking about what they need to grow.

Whilst studying China, we will read the stories ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ and ‘The Willow Pattern Story’. We used these stories as inspiration for art work for our KS1 Art Exhibition.


Our day for P.E is Monday.  This term we will be looking at interpretive dance and gymnastics. 



We encourage children to read at least 3 times a week.  Children have the opportunity to change their books every day.  They need to place their diary and their reading book into the diary box first thing in a morning.


Children will be tested each Friday.  The new words for the children learn how to spell will be given out each Friday.  If your child is away, please ask for a copy of their spellings.


Beat That

The children will take their Beat That test each Thursday.  They are expected to either maintain or beat their score each week.  They will be given a practise sheet to take home each week. 


Pupil of the Week

We will choose the Pupil of the Week every Friday afternoon.  They will receive 2 prizes, a badge to wear that week, a certificate and a special seat!



I will check and sign diaries every Friday.  I will record spelling scores, beat that scores, number of times they have read and if they have been eligible for Pupil of the Week.


Thank you for your continued support and commitment.


Links to websites.

Dear parents,

Your child has been given a username and password for each of the following websites.

Your child should have given you a letter with these on.

If they appear to have misplaced this then please ask you child to ask the class teacher for a new copy of their details.

Specific tasks / courses will be set each month for your child to complete.

These are designed to help you child practice the skills related to their age.