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Welcome to 3KA, taught by Mr. Andrew.


This year is going to be a challenging one for the children as they push forward to build on previously taught skills and develop new ones at the beginning of Key Stage 2. There will be many investigations, experiments, problems to solve and questions to answer as the term progresses and all of the children will need to have their brains switched on at all times – no slacking with Mr. Andrew in town!



A few things to remember this year:


Beat That: These maths activities will be completed on Wednesdays. Scores will be recorded in diaries by the end of the week.

Diaries: Home diaries will be checked and signed by Mr. Andrew on a Friday each week. If there are any important issues in the meantime, please get the children to inform Mr. Andrew and diaries can be checked as needed.

Reading: Expectation is for the children to read at least 3 times a week and their reading diaries to be signed 3 times a week. We rely on the children to read regularly to a parent as we push on with more cross-curricular reading in KS2. Remember; books can be changed when needed and encourage a variety of texts, even appropriate newspapers and magazines.

P.E.: Our P.E. lessons will be on Tuesday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor) each week. Please ensure the correct kit is in school on the correct day.

Spellings: Spelling tests will be completed on a Thursday and new spellings given out. Scores will be recorded in diaries by the end of the week. Children will have plenty of opportunity to use these spellings during the week and should do so at home as well.


Pupil of the Week

Anyone who wants to be eligible for the Pupil of the Week award must ensure they maintain or beat their scores in both Beat That and spelling tests, bring their correct P.E. kits and maintain an excellent standard of behaviour.