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Welcome to 4EJ


During summer term in 4EJ we will be taking a trip back in time to Ancient Greece. We will be learning all about the Pythian Games, the fearsome Greek Gods and we’ll be delving into stories filled with mythical creatures and heroic figures.

Our trip back in time to this magnificent period will begin with a morning designing, baking and tasting some traditional Greek food; trying out a toga and exploring some Greek artefacts. We will also be taking a trip to Yorkshire Museum to learn more about the groovy Greeks.



Please remind children to bring their PE kit with them on a Tuesday and a Thursday for the afternoon session.

Reading diaries:

It is a requirement that your child reads at least three times a week, and has their reading diary signed by their parent/guardian. Diaries will be taken in for monitoring on a Friday, and only children who have met the required reading expectation will be selected for ‘pupil of the week’.

Children selected for pupil of the week will wear a badge to show their special status for the week, receive a certificate and will sit in a special place in assembly. After the week, the badge will be passed on to the next pupil selected.

Children will record their spelling and Beat That scores in the diary.

Changing books:

Children are aware of the location of books available to them, and are able to freely change books when they have finished and need to move on.

Spellings/ Beat That practice:

Children will receive new spellings to learn on a weekly basis. These will usually come home with children on a Thursday as will a practice ‘Beat That’ sheet to practice at home. Children need to make a good effort (8/10 score)  on their spellings, and maintain or improve their Beat That score in order to gain a better chance at qualifying  for pupil of the week.


Information and school letters will continue to come home with children frequently.

Links to websites.

Dear parents,

Your child has been given a username and password for each of the following websites.

Your child should have given you a letter with these on.

If they appear to have misplaced this then please ask you child to ask the class teacher for a new copy of their details.

Specific tasks / courses will be set each month for your child to complete.

These are designed to help you child practice the skills related to their age.