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Welcome to 5JH


Welcome to Mr Humberstone’s class! In our class we have lots of energetic characters, all with a great sense of humour. In 5JH we like to work our hardest and we like to take pride in the work we do. We try our best with maths, Mr Humberstone does his best to ensure we learn and beat our challenges. Currently we are learning the four operations (addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.) We need to remember the ‘RUCSAC,’ method when solving word problems.


In English we are learning about connectives, conjunctions, alliterations, onomatopoeia, personification and metaphors. We are also focusing on our reading comprehension and ensuring we understand and engage our questions.


We love working with I.T, we use Cargo Bot and Alex. We’ve been currently learning about programming.


Please keep viewing our page to see what we get involved with!