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Welcome to Year 6 – 6DDM


Summer is here: only one more term til the summer holidays and your transition to ‘big’ school! We have lots of things to look forward to.


We are a class of 26 children who are taught by Mrs Dickens-McCreight.


Important information:

  • This term, we endeavour to participate in extra P.E sessions so your indoor and outdoor P.E kits are expected to be brought in to school each day. 
  • On Thursday we have our weekly Maths test to see which ‘club’ we are in.
  • Friday is our spelling test day.  New spellings are given out on a Friday and then tested the following week.  Should you misplace your sheet, please see me to obtain another sheet. Remember that there are extra stamps on offer for tasks relating to this.


The club results and spelling results will count towards your eligibility for ‘Pupil of the Week’. – The overall reward will take place before the summer holidays (so you are still at PLCS!).



We will continue to have the opportunity to talk to different people concerning the different career paths they have taken and hopefully inspire us as to what’s out there.  We have a midwife, an ICU nurse and a police officer coming in to name but a few this term. Look out for the pictures around school.



One set of dates for your diary is that of the SATS week. The government has programmed these in for week commencing Monday 13th May.

Monday 13th – SPaG and spelling papers to be completed (45 mins and approximately 20mins respectively)

Tuesday 14th – Reading (60 mins)

Wednesday 15th - Arithmetic (30 mins) and Reasoning Paper 1 (40 mins)

Thursday 16th-  Reasoning Paper 2 (40 mins).


Finally we have the dates for our leavers concert and leavers BBQ!

  • Leavers concert: 16th July
  • Leavers BBQ: 16th July

Here’s to a fabulous final term together. It will be gone before you know it!