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Book Bags - A guide for parents and carers

Book Bags – A Guide for Parents and Carers


School Reading Books – Your child will bring home a reading book to match their progress. When they are ready to move onto reading books with Read Write Inc. they will also bring home a Read Write Inc. reading book. Please share this with your child at home at least 3 times a week. They will earn 3 dojo points for reading three times. They will not earn dojos for reading once or twice and the diary must be signed by an adult. The reading book needs to stay in the book bag and return to school each day. RWInc. books will be needed in class every day.


Reading Diary – Please use this to make a comment when your child has shared their school reading book with you at home. This needs to stay in the book bag and return to school each day.


Library Book – As soon as possible your child will start visiting our school library on a weekly basis. They will be able to choose and change their books in this session. The lending system is computerised and very simple to use. Please take care of our books as you will be charged for lost or damaged books. Our library is also open every morning between 8.30am and 8.50am.


Learning Log – Most of this is to keep at home for your information e.g. dates, what we have been learning at school and ideas to support your child at home. There is a section to cut off and return to school where you can comment on what your child has enjoyed learning at school and to add your own comments about what your child has been learning or can do at home. Please hand this section to a member of staff.


Read Write Inc Letters or Speed Sounds – We teach one new letter sound each day. The children will bring home a sheet with the letter sounds on. This will be updated as they are taught. When you practise, record it in the reading diary and this will count towards reading three times a week for your dojo reward.


Please help your child to remember to bring their book bag to school every day. They might need their reading book and reading diary and they use their book bags to bring home pictures/ writing/ paintings etc that they have done at school.


Your child will also bring home letters from school in their book bags as and when they are distributed so please check in the bag every night to see if there is anything in there that you need to read.


Thank you for your support,

The EYFS Team.