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Coding using Scratch Junior

Year 5 children have been learning how to code using Scratch Junior.

Their task was to be able to use the following commands / instructions to produce an algorithm for three sprites. Two had a race whilst the third was a race marshal.

Do you know what each instruction is?

 ,  and 

Below are just a few pupils' attempts. They have recorded themselves for the first time using a FLIP camera. Well done!


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The children have worked very hard with Scratch Junior and have demonstrated that they can use most of the commands.

To be able to progress further they have to answer all the questions on the sheets below and demonstrate that these instructions are in their algorithms.

They have to be able to debug none working algorithms by correcting the deliberate mistakes.

When they have demonstrated their competence they can then move on to Pyonkee (which is a form of Scratch) and Crumble.


Proof that sequencing and precise instructions are important.

Still image for this video
Look at this video we we used to show that precise and well sequenced instructions are required for a program / list of algorithms to work correctly.
We then had a go at giving each other a sequence of instructions to program each other as though we were robots.
It was great fun.