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Dojos and Traffic Lights

Every day each child collects 4 dojo points if they have kept the Star Rules. If a child does not keep the Star Rules then the consequences of their actions will be explained and they will be expected to put right whatever they have done, e.g. say sorry or tidy up. They will have a photo of their face moved from green to amber on the traffic lights. If they continue to make the wrong choice they will move to red and then will see a member of the Leadership Team. If they make the right choices they return to green. At the beginning of a new session all children start on the green traffic light. For more information please see the behaviour policy on our website.

Children will collect dojo points through the day for many reasons, helping others, tidying up and good work and reading. They will be able to spend their dojo points at the ‘Dojo Shop’ on a regular basis. Items for sale include small toys, notebooks, pencils etc.