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Jorvik Trip


This term Year 3 have been learning about Vikings, we went on a school trip to York. At the Jorvik Centre we took a ride round a Viking village and learnt lots about Viking life. After that we went to The Dig and became real life archaeologists, digging up artefacts that had been buried under the streets of York for years. It was great fun. You can tell a lot about life as a Viking from what has been dug up.


As part of our topic, we had a Viking day. We got dressed up as real Vikings. The cook compiled a Viking menu on that day and our parents came in to help us make our long ships that we designed during DT. They even stayed and had lunch with us. At the end we put on a small performance to our parents, telling them all about what we had learned. We sang them our Viking song ‘Viking Rock’. We all had a fantastic day.