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Maths at Priory Lane Community School


The principles and features, which characterise our approach to maths, are:


• Teachers reinforce an expectation that all pupils are capable of achieving high standards in mathematics.

• Teaching is underpinned by methodical curriculum design and supported by carefully crafted lessons and resources to foster deep conceptual and procedural knowledge.

• Practice and consolidation play a central role. Carefully designed variation within this builds fluency and understanding of underlying mathematical concepts.

• Teachers use precise questioning in class to test conceptual and procedural knowledge, and assess pupils regularly to identify those requiring intervention so that all pupils keep up.


The intention of these approaches is to provide all children with full access to the curriculum, enabling them to achieve confidence and competence – ‘mastery’ – in mathematics, rather than many failing to develop the maths skills they need for the future.


Daily CLIC sessions take place across the school and utilise the Big Maths scheme. CLIC stands for Counting, Learn-its, It's Nothing New and Calculations.


Our long term maths plans can be found below...