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Spring Term 2017

Our Spring Topic

This term we will be asking the question What Makes Our World Wonderful? We will be studying the Natural and Manmade Wonders of the World. We will also be travelling around the world looking at plants, animals, people, food and culture.

We sometimes forget what a wonderful world we live in. Take a moment to look at the video below to remind you what a truly amazing planet earth is.


During the first 3 days back after our Christmas holidays we had lots of fun learning about some of the countries in our world.

First we went down under to Australia and looked at the Aboriginal art work and recreated some of our own. We took part in ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here’  and did several bush trials including a bush tucker food trial. We collected stars and crowned our King and Queen of the Jungle.

Trial 1 – Jigsaws of the Australian items

Trial 2 – Bush tucker trial – food and drink challenge

Trial 3 – What’s in the box  - find the insects

Trial 4 – Your last night meal – children have to work out what food is in the tins and predict the 3 course meal – starter - soup, main - sausage, peas, carrots, sweet corn and  potatoes , desert – treacle sponge and custard

Trial 5 – Australia Quiz

We went to Europe and tasted food from France. We played Monolopy and learned all about our capital city London. We went on a trip to the USA and designed a new Walt Disney character.

Take a look at our photos.


We have been locating different continents and countries on the world map and learning about geographical features. We now know how mountains and volcanoes are formed. We have done lots of research on Mount Everest and Paricutin Volcano. Look out for our Tourist Information Leaflets.