Priory Lane Community School

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Come and meet the staff at our school ...


Executive Headteacher: Mrs K Buckley
Head of School: Mrs J Curtis 
Assistant Headteacher: Mr A Renney



Foundation Stage: Miss K Lyon(FS Co-ordinator/MLT), Mrs K Reilly
Year 1: Miss N Richardson, Miss S Williams
Year 2: Mrs Sommerville, Mrs McClue, Miss S Gilchrist
Year 3: Miss F Stones, Mr K Andrew
Year 4: Mrs T Brown, Mr J Sanderson
Year 5: Mrs J Masterson, Miss C Selby

Year 6: Mrs D Dickens-McCreight, Miss H Corser


Mr J Humberstone: Teacher / Website Manager

Mr T Renney (Intervention teacher, p/t)

*MLT - Middle Leadership Team


SENCo: Mrs M Crabb




Early Years Practitioner: Mrs D Mee

Teaching Assistants: Mrs R Keighley, Mrs D Horner, Mrs S Strong , Mrs K Cowan, Mrs R Lowther, Miss Z Walker, Mrs D Brown, Miss L Dale, Miss D Dudley, Miss N Quibell, Miss C Freeman, Mrs T Taylor, Mrs J White, Mrs S Chester




Federation Business Manager: Mrs R Boyers

Administration and Finance Officer: Mrs C Eaton
Administration: Mrs K Mwambire and Mrs A Brookes

Child and Family Liaison Officer: Mr J Keighley

Sports Coach: Miss S Williams

I.T Network Manager: Mr K Hall

Caretaker: Mr J Field



Midday: Mrs S Barber (Senior Midday Supervisor), Mrs C Albans, Mrs T Anderson-Day, Mrs A Burley, Miss L Smith, Mrs S Francuz, Mrs R Jackson, Mrs C Lydon-Mason, Mrs N Robinson, Mrs Wilkinson-Smith, Miss Simons

Breakfast: Mrs R Jackson, Mrs C Lydon-Mason, Mrs J Carraher