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Autumn Term 2017 Introduction

Autumn Term 1 Topic

Can Shadows Dance in The Night?


As part of our autumn term 1 topic we read a book called The Night Gardener by The Fan Brothers which we based our curriculum around. We then rewrote and innovated the stor. Alongside the Night Gardener, we covered our first science topic of ‘Can Shadows Dance in the Night?’ This allowed us to explore lights, shadows and electricity. We designed and made nightlights for a toddler. We learned how to make a circuit to light a bulb. We also investigated shadow sizes.

Take a look at our photographs from our science and design lessons.


Autumn Term 2 Topic


Anglo Saxon v Viking – Why have people invaded and settled in the past?


Our second autumn term topic we learned about the constant conflict between the Vikings and Anglo Saxons and how this affected the country. As part of our autumn term 2 topic we had a Viking and Anglo Saxon day. The children all dressed up as either an Anglo Saxon or Viking. A BIG thank you to the parents for their support with this, nearly all the children came in either a commercially bought or homemade outfit. We had a real life Viking come into school which we all enjoyed. We handled artefacts and looked at equipment, whilst also exploring other aspects of Anglo-Saxon and Viking life. The children in 4TB said they didn’t like the workshop .... they LOVED IT! During our art and design lesson we designed a shield for our Viking day.

Take a look at our photographs and videos from the day.