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Religious Education (RE)

Subject Leader - Miss O. Foster


At Priory Lane Community School, we are all theologians!



At Priory Lane Community School, we passionately believe that it is important for all children to learn about a range of faiths in order to develop knowledge and tolerance. We aim to provide our children with a firm foundation upon which to appreciate differences in beliefs and worldviews. We recognise the core place that RE occupies as part of a broad and balanced curriculum and its foundation in a strong and inclusive community. 



We actively seek to promote key British values, providing pupils with opportunities to encounter and critically reflect on a range of worldviews with positivity.



At Priory Lane Community School, we deliver a well-planned, progressive RE curriculum (based on the SACRE Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education) which helps our children to understand the religious diversity of our local area and those they have not encountered. Children are provided with opportunities to express their thoughts and opinions in a variety of creative ways. The curriculum is founded on the concepts of believing, living and thinking which are central to the disciplinary approach of the syllabus.



RE is taught in units, in conjunction with the SACRE Agreed Syllabus long term plan.  All four compulsory units: God, Being Human, Community and Life Journey are taught at each key stage. The devised progression map allows staff to ensure the children have made clear progression throughout the school and build on previous knowledge and skills from previous learning. Children learn about Islam and Christianity in Key Stage 1 and Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity in Key Stage 2.  Additional units are also taught at in both key stages. Teachers may choose to block the teaching of RE or to teach lessons on a weekly basis depending on which approach fits best with the topic for the term.



Year 1: Religion Coverage – Christianity and Islam
Year 2: Religion Coverage – Christianity and Islam
Year 3: Religion Coverage – Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Year 4: Religion Coverage – Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism
Year 5: Religion Coverage – Christianity, Hinduism and Islam
Year 6: Religion Coverage – Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism



The RE curriculum at Priory Lane Community School looks like:

  • A tolerant and inquisitive attitude towards the learning of all religions being taught
  • Key vocabulary being modelled by teachers and being used by children
  • Prior learning being re-visited and built upon due to our spiral curriculum
  • Key questions challenging learners to think deeply and hold open discussions with their peers
  • Children accessing artefacts to enhance their learning such as: religious texts, artefacts, music extracts and visitors
  • Opportunities to use imaginative play or drama to express feelings and ideas
  • Opportunities to meet visitors from local religious communities
  • Visits to religious places of worship where possible, and where not, making use of videos and the internet
  • Taking part in whole school events such as multi-faith days, the harvest festival and school performances
  • Comparing religions and worldviews through discussion



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