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Internet Safety

For relevant policies please click the link below:

Priory Lane Community School has gathered resources to support you and your child/children in using the internet safely and securely.  


‘Think You Know’ offers practical advice on  protecting children from abuse on line.


‘Educate Against Hate’ offers parents advice on how to protect children from extremism and radicalisation.


We are aware that a number of our older children use social media. Below is a link to guidance for parents whose children are under 13 but have a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram account.


Below are two PowerPoint presentations given to children as part of our ongoing internet safety for children.

Latest LA advice about Snap Chat

Latest LA advice about Snap Chat 1
Latest LA advice about Snap Chat 2
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Our e-safety advice for parents to download

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These are pdf copies of the documents above. Feel free to download.

These two documents are about social media.

This guidance is intended to inform parents - whilst it may be more appropriate for older children, it gives useful guidelines to all parents.


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The Social Media Charter to download

Digital Parenting

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Digital Parenting Document available to download