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MFL (French)

MFL (French)

Subject Lead - Miss Kirk


At Priory Lane Community School, we are all linguists!


At Priory Lane Community School, we believe that learning a language is a necessary part of being a member of a modern, multi-cultural society. We foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. We enable pupils to express their ideas and thoughts in another language and to understand and respond, both in speech and in writing.



Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are embedded throughout our teaching sequences; this ensures that their knowledge can be applied in a variety of contexts, and the foundations for future language learning are laid. 


In KS2, French teaching is delivered on a weekly basis, using the progression and topics outlined in the Language Angels scheme. Through this, pupils progressively acquire, use and apply vocabulary and language structures centred around a variety of topics and themes.



The National Curriculum for Languages aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • understand and respond to spoken and written language from a variety of authentic sources
  •  speak with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity, finding ways of communicating what they want to say, including through discussion and asking questions, and continually improving the accuracy of their pronunciation and intonation
  •  can write at varying length, for different purposes and audiences, using the variety of grammatical structures that they have learnt
  •  discover and develop an appreciation of a range of writing in the language studied



The languages curriculum (French) at Priory Lane Community School looks like:

  • Engaging lessons, which allow children to enjoy learning a new language
  • Interactive games, enabling the children to learn new vocabulary through play
  • Many opportunities for developing speaking and listening skills, using ‘my turn, your turn’ and talk partners
  • Pupils enjoying singing songs and listening to stories in French
  • Children working in individual bespoke workbooks to enable them to develop their writing skills
  •  Participating in French themed days to develop an awareness and understanding of the French culture and make cross curricular links



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