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Spring Term 2018 Introduction

This term, Year 3 will be exploring the ‘Animal Kingdom’ whereby we will investigate how animals can be classified into their different groups.

We will also discover the biomes of the world, specifically looking at the habitats of globe’s animals and plants. As well as this we will look at how specific animals have adapted over many years to survive in their habitats.

From this, later on in the term, we will delve into the conservation of endangered species leading into arguments and debates based on the protection of the World’s wildlife.

Key Dates

Tuesdays – Indoor PE

Wednesdays – Beat That

Thursdays – Outdoor PE – extra layers may be required 

  • Spelling test

Fridays    – Diary checking

  • Just Dance (Golden Time)




Tuesday 30th January – Year 3 Class Assembly commencing at 9:05am


Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park - tbc