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Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On Wednesday 21st February, Years 3 and 4 went on their school trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of our topic: Animal Kingdom.

Our day began with the workshop in the onsite classroom. We began by locating animals to their habitat (biome) and discussing how each of the animals was adapted to living in that particular place.

During the talk, we were also able to handle possessions of the animals which currently live at YWP. The smelliest one was the camel’s fur. We had to be extremely gentle with the ostrich’s egg so that it wouldn’t break. Also, we were able to look at a replica skull of a polar bear – it was gigantic!

Next came the fun part – handling some of the minibeasts! Some of us were very brave and held a cockroach and African land snail...there were even some fearless members of the class that stroked the snake!

After our talk we were on our tour of the wildlife park, we were able to listen and observe the 4 magnificent polar bears, 3 of the incredibly endangered Amur tigers (one was showing off whilst eating dinner on his platform), the roaring lions and we were even lucky enough to see the giant otters playing in their enclosure.


Overall we had a terrific fun and fact filled day – it must have been as some of us fell asleep on the journey home!