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Walk To School Week

This week is our Walk To School week, we hope that you are able to take part.


Priory Lane Community School

Walk To School Week       

16th – 20th May

Daily Challenge- Friday

As a treat, save your feet,

Scoot or bike to school today,

To make it a Wheelie Good Friday


Daily Challenge- Thursday

As you walk along the way,

A traditional game you can play,

I spy with my little eye,

Is the game you should try


Daily Challenge- Wednesday

If you can’t walk every day,

Try your best to walk today,

Make Wednesday your own WOW day!



Family Fitness session 8.30 – 8.50 am the playgrounds



Daily Challenge- Tuesday

To make sure our Walk to School Week really rocks,

Come to school today in your silly socks.


Daily Challenge- Monday

Mondays can be a real chore,

And you often feel like an extra snore,

But not this morning, stop your yawning,

Tell some jokes as you set

off walking.